July 26, 2016




Frequently asked question.

1. How do I establish prices?
When you finish a design, you can split up the design into various tasks such as technical drawing but also calculation. By linking the design to the BTO-CAD system, the system immediately gives you a survey of material used, the number of square meters in corps material, top, doors, equipment, etc. You can determine how you fix your prices, per m or per m? or per entity, you make your choice. You decide how the system calculates for you. This quotation, for that matter, you can export to Excel.
2. What is the difference between InteriCAD 7000 and T6?
Flatform: InteriCAD 7000 should run together with AutoCAD full version, while InteriCAD T6 a standalone version. Design function: InteriCAD 7000 has furniture design and exterior design module. InteriCAD T6 can also make furniture & exterior design but not as easy as InteriCAD 7000. On the other hand, InteriCAD T6 has kitchen design function which can design kitchen easily. The difference between InteriCAD 7000 and InteriCAD T6 are because of users’ demands. Therefore, please feel free to talk to our sales consultant to find a suitable solution.
3. What is included with one InteriCAD software package?
A single license includes one system, library, training disks, key lock, User Manual and a User Registration Card.
4. Does InteriCAD T6 has trial version?
No, we don’t provide trial version for InteriCAD T6 as it requires a professional training to learn how to use it efficiently. But we will regularly organize webinars about this products, you can come to the webinar and experience our software.
5. What’s the difference between InteriCAD T6 and AutoCAD or 3DS Max?
Professional Developed by YFCAD, InteriCAD is an efficient and cost-effective tool tailored for interior designers. Its commands, library and solution are all relative with interior design. AutoCAD is for everyone who need to create CAD drawing and 3DS MAX is for everyone who need to create render. There is no specific function in these two programs for interior design. Total solution In InteriCAD, designers can finish working drawing, 2D floor plan, elevation drawing, 3D photorealistic rendering and animation. You can total solution in InteriCAD. But designer has to use AutoCAD to make working drawing then use 3DS Max to make rendering and use PhotoShop for editing. These two software don't provide total solution for interior designers. Easy to learn and use To learn one software like InteriCAD is easy. It takes a few days to complete the learning of InteriCAD. Designer can put more time on design instead of thinking how to use software. The learning curve of AutoCAD and 3DS MAX is much longers. To make a render in 3DS MAX, it takes a long time. Fas Render InteriCAD has the world-leading rendering engine. Designer can use InteriCAD to easily create photo-realistic rendering. The developer of InteriCAD, YFCAD SOFTWARE, is one of the only two Intel partner in Asia for Computer Graphic. Nobody like the render in AutoCAD. You may export your design to 3D Max for render. But it takes a long time and the settings of parameter is always complicated.
6. Why InteriCAD?
InteriCAD is a revolutionary design instrument especially developed for interior designers. (The furniture trade) A. Strengthen your position as a competition. Enable your customers to walk virtually through their project even before the foundation stone has been laid. Win your customer??s trust with the InteriCAD developed options such as realistic photo graphics, virtual animations and even put on film the created rooms. You will see that InteriCAD helps you to conclude the order. B. Let InteriCAD do the job for you. InteriCAD helps and supports you during the design process. Work up your concepts and ideas and put them into 3D.
7. Can InteriCAD install on MAC?
To install InteriCAD on MAC, you need to install a free software Boot Camp. Then you will able to install Windows system and InteriCAD on your MAC.
8. What is the Advantages of InteriCAD?
Chose who have an AutoCAD background will be familiar with InteriCAD within a day. Moreover we offer a 3-day course to enable you to use InteriCAD with perfection. High productivity: for all necessary elements for interior design, ??drag and drop?? method is used. 3D visualization Create en design also curved walls, wall decorations, alcoves or openings in walls and determine the finishing. Mark where doors and windows should be placed. Design ceilings, even the curtain-rod or the staircase and define the floor, f.i. parquetry, ceramic tiles or stone, and you do this all with the greatest ease. All windows, doors, pieces of furniture and other items are parameter steered so that you can fill in the correct dimensions. Rendering and animation InteriCAD has built its own rendering system after the latest ??ray-trace and radiosity technology. A provisional rendering session lasts only 3 minutes, where as other software needs more than 3 hours. With this high rendering function you can ??walk?? through drawn rooms, take pictures and/or make a short film. Interior elements and materials library. InteriCAD is provided with a rich collection of interior elements and materials, such as windows, staircases, balcony, columns, curtains, tables, chairs, beds, kitchens, plants, lighting, paintings, lounge suites, too many to mention them all. InteriCAD also offers a whole range of back grounds that can be chosen to create the right atmosphere.
9. Can I set up my own program?
Unlike other software products, KD-Max is standard provided with a very extensive and complete library of colours, sorts of veneer, stone products, tiles, flags door handles, etc. Nearly every conceivable kitchen can be produced, and now every business is looking for its own specific details to distinguish it self. If you want to have your specific details incorporated, they can be integrated into the system to measure. Through Niss Trajects we define, together wish you the adaptations, and these will be integrated into the system. This can vary from your company??s home-style to product technical adaptations. Do ask for the possibilities; the software set is constructed in such a way that adaptations can be put through comparatively quickly. You may apply for a quotation without engagement, and compare.
10. Can I walk through the kitchen, open doors and drawers, end show equipment, if any?
Composing the kitchen, you do in 3D virtual surroundings. You can have a look at the kitchen from every conceivable point of view, and also open en close separately drawers and/or doors. The system will also show used accessories such as dust-bins, boilers etc. if they are depicted in the drawing. You can place various accessories on the work top to make a more complete picture.