InteriCAD Lite

Design your Furniture & Furnishing Retail

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What is InteriCAD Lite?

A professional and yet easy-to-use 3D Furniture & Furnishing Retail design software involved in the interior design field. No CAD knowledge is required. From 2D  plan to real 3D image and animation, InteriCAD Lite provides a fast way and various forms to present your design idea to your clients.

Create your design in 2D.

easy conversion in 3D


  • Easy-to-Use 2D to 3D Intelligent Conversion
  • Users can replace and relocate all furniture during the walkthrough in the 3D room
  • Stunning Special Effect
  • Powerful Lighting Function
  • Anaglyph Image (Requiring anaglyph glasses to view the stereoscopic 3D effect.

Start maximizing your business with InteriCAD Lite.